COVID-19 Community Update – January 29, 2021

Dear SLV owners,

We are passing along some information from CDC, SCDHEC, and two of our local healthcare partners concerning the ongoing work to diagnose, fight, and prevent COVID-19. We hope you find this information helpful. If you have medical questions need further clarification on the information, please contact the organizations at the information provided below or speak with your primary care physician.

Read on for the latest including:

  • Important SCDHEC Vaccine Information
  • Additional CDC and SCDHEC Resources
  • Upcoming COVID-19 Testing Events at SLV
  • Vaccination Resources from Abbeville Area Medical Center
  • Vaccination Resources from Self Regional Healthcare

Important SCDHEC Vaccine Information

A helpful page on the SCDHEC website continues to be a source of up-to-date information on the COVID-19 vaccination process across South Carolina.

Visit this page for more info on COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments:

That landing page contains a link to find the contact information of vaccination locations:

This tool is an updated map interface that shows which locations have the vaccine available.





Additional CDC and SCDHEC Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control continue to be the trusted sources of updates and guidance on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. You can access a wealth of information from their web pages concerning the virus, prevention, testing, treatment, and vaccination.

The CDC landing page for the coronavirus is located here:

The SCDHEC landing page for the coronavirus is located here:

We do not have any way of tracking the number of COVID-19 cases or positive tests within Savannah Lakes Village. However, the SCDHEC Testing & Projections page offers a state-wide dashboard where you can view the latest information for McCormick County.


SCDHEC provides a resource to outline the phased vaccine rollout in South Carolina. Here is a link to that resource:

Upcoming COVID-19 Testing Events at SLV

Abbeville Area Medical Center will be onsite at the Monticello Golf Club once again in February to conduct free COVID-19 testing clinics. Anyone wishing to be tested may come and receive the test.

  • Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 9am – 1pm
  • Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 9am – 1pm

Watch for future emails closer to those dates with the details and the testing forms required.

You may also find other avenues for receiving a free COVID-19 test by visiting this resource on the SCDHEC website:

Abbeville Area Medical Center

Abbeville Area Medical Center has a primary care office at 131 Holiday Road here in SLV called Savannah Lakes Family Medicine. They area accepting requests for COVID vaccine appointments via email. Their ability to schedule is dependent upon the allocation they receive from the State.

To request your COVID-19 vaccine through Savannah Lakes Family Medicine, you may send an email to

AAMC’s Guidance for Vaccination of Those Who Have Previously Tested Positive for COVID-19
“Patients with a COVID positive test result should wait 60 days before receiving their initial vaccination. As you might remember we discussed there is a 90 day window where people have the antibodies after having a positive COVID test. Our medical staff feels comfortable stating, wait 60 days before attempting to schedule a vaccine. This allows 30 days to get an appointment and for protection of the patient to have an appointment secured before their 90 day window concludes.”

AAMC referenced a CDC-authored prevaccination checklist to help guide whether a person should receive the vaccine or not. This is not required to bring to a vaccination appointment, but it may be helpful in making a decision about whether to receive the vaccine.


Self Regional Healthcare

Self Regional Healthcare has a primary care office at 207 Holiday Road here in SLV called Family Healthcare • Savannah Lakes. They area accepting requests for COVID vaccine appointments via a form on their website. Their ability to schedule is dependent upon the allocation they receive from the State.

To request your COVID-19 vaccine through Self Regional Healthcare, complete the form at this address:

A Message from Self Regional Healthcare about Vaccination:
“There has been some confusion about how individuals in Savannah Lakes should access COVID-19 vaccinations at Self Regional Healthcare, and we’ve noticed this in recent comments on NeighborLink. We’d like to clear this up: If you received your first SRH COVID -19 vaccination prior to 1/19/2021 you may simply walk in for your 2nd vaccination on or after the date indicated for 2nd vaccination on your vaccination card. If your 1st vaccination was after 1/19/2021, your SRH scheduler has made you an appointment to receive your 2nd vaccination, and communicated that appointment date to you. For all others seeking vaccination, the best way to access that is by filling out the form at: Calling Self Medical Center Savannah Lakes is NOT the most efficient way to be scheduled for vaccination. Thank you for your cooperation.”

This concludes our COVID-19 Community Update for Friday, January 29, 2021. Thank you for doing your part to help fight COVID-19 and keep our community safe. Please refer any questions about testing and vaccination to your primary care physician or the healthcare partners mentioned above.

Yours in service,

Kirk Smith
Chief Operating Officer/GM
(864) 391-4116