COVID-19 Community Update – 8/28/2020

Dear SLV Family,

We hope this message finds you living well and enjoying the late summer season. As we bring you a comprehensive update on our adjustments to the COVID-19 event, we want to begin by recalling the recent good news reported earlier this week that of the 297 people tested for COVID, there was only one individual who tested positive. And that individual resided in a Georgia ZIP code. View the full update here.

We are grateful for the perseverance, goodwill, and unity we are seeing as all of us in Savannah Lakes (property owners and team members alike) pull together to weather this storm. We’re continuing every day to double down on service. Whether we are enjoying “normal” or managing “2020” conditions, we come to work every day to serve our members. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. We are here for you!


Golf Operations

as of August 28, 2020

We are fortunate to be enjoying near ideal golf weather and steady participation from our membership. Our team continues to minimize personal contact and practice social distancing as recommended by the authorities like CDC and SCDHEC. Thank you for your understanding and support. Here are several things to keep in mind at this point in our gradual re-opening plan:

  • Afternoon Play: Our courses remain available for later afternoon tee times, through 5pm according to the schedule pattern below. This is an opportunity for members to enjoy a tee time in the late afternoon with milder temperatures. It’s also ideal for those who have other responsibilities during the day.


  • COVID-19 Prevention and Sanitization Procedures: We are continuing to offer our golf experience with modifications to limit personal contact and touching of common objects. Our cart attendants are also sanitizing golf carts after each use.
  • Golfers Per Cart: We’re encouraging people who are commonly interacting with each other to share a cart. We continue to offer golf carts for individual use upon request.

Food & Beverage Services

as of August 28, 2020

We are finalizing plans to provide plated table service on the River Grille back patio starting in mid-September. This is the next step in our phased approach leading to modified re-opening of our indoor dining services, as we will be utilizing the dining room in the event of inclement weather. We will develop our modified indoor service at River Grille, and we plan to implement this process at Monti’s in the future.

As announced at the recent Town Hall meeting, our team is committed to the Palmetto Priority program for restaurant health and safety. The practices outlined in the Palmetto Priority guidelines help us provide a clean and safe environment for our members, and the structure guides the extensive precautions that we are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our restaurants.


In the meantime, curbside and to-go service continues with various specials throughout the week. We anticipate that we will continue offering curbside service in a modified way, even into the future when patio and indoor dining fully resume. A la carte menu service will be available each evening on our regular schedule, including our new and improved pizza offering.


Introducing: Touch Free Menus

We have a simple, mobile-friendly page set up on our website that will enable members to access digital versions of our current a la carte menus. Just visit from your smartphone or computer. You can browse our menus for River Grille and Monti’s and make your selections conveniently and safely without having to touch a menu.

Both major types of smartphone operating systems (iOS and Android OS) have the ability to read a QR code without installing any special software. In addition to typing in the address (, try pointing your phone’s camera (iPhone) or Google Lens (Android) at this QR code to access the menu page.

Click for more info on QR codes and Android OS
Click for more info on QR codes and iOS


Recreation Center

as of August 28, 2020

Beginning Tuesday, September 1, 2020, we will be offering the following updated schedule of programs. All classes will have limited class capacity.  Preregistration is required to attend any class. Class registration begins at 9:00 am the day before the class. Classes are limited to one class per person per day. Please refer to the additional class details below the schedule relating to the programs in your area of interest.

8:00am – Intermediate Water Aerobics
8:30am – Land Aerobics
9:30am – Basic Water Aerobics
10:00am – Stretch & Tone
3:30pm – Advanced Water Aerobics
8:00am – Intermediate Water Aerobics
9:30am – Basic Water Aerobics
10:00am – Yoga
11:00am – Swimba — a new water dance program offered on a trial basis for the month of September
11:30am – Chair & Balance Yoga
2:00pm – Tai Chi
8:00am – Intermediate Water Aerobics
8:30am – Land Aerobics
9:30am – Basic Water Aerobics
10:00am – Stretch & Tone
3:00pm – Intermediate Water Aerobics
8:00am – Intermediate Water Aerobics
9:30am – Basic Water Aerobics
10:00am – Chair & Balance Yoga
8:00am – Intermediate Water Aerobics
8:30am – Land Aerobics
9:30am – Basic Water Aerobics
10:00am – Yoga
11:30am – Stretch & Tone
8:00am – Intermediate Water Aerobics
9:30am – Basic Water Aerobics

At this time, classes remain limited to property owners only.  We are continuing our policy that limits guests from participating in classes at this time. Weather conditions and Class Leader preference will determine if the water aerobics classes will be offered in the indoor or outdoor pool. As is standard operating procedure for our indoor and outdoor pool facility use, in the event of thunder and lightning storms, our water aerobics programs would be cancelled.  When in doubt, please check with the front desk to confirm weather conditions and programming.
In this season of precaution against community spread of COVID, we are continuing our policies to minimize personal contact with portable items. For our Land Aerobics and Stretch & Tone programs, participants may bring their own weights and bands, if desired. Equipment is not required. If you have personal weights stored at the Recreation Center, we will retrieve them for you to take home. Yoga participants are encouraged to bring a mat. The RC will no longer provide shared personal fitness items or storage for member-owned personal fitness items to be used in our programs. Folding chairs will be provided by the Recreation Center for Stretch & Tone and Chair & Balance Yoga.


Our position on guest usage has been and remains one of protecting our community members and our team members first and foremost. With this in mind, here are our policies on guest use:

  • Guests of members are permitted to use the pickleball, tennis, and bocce amenities. Social distancing guidelines must be observed.
  • Guests of members may also reserve bowling lanes up to four people on a lane. Bowling users must provide their own balls and shoes.
  • Guests of members are not permitted to access the indoor or outdoor pools at this time.


The Team has worked very hard to develop a plan and reposition the fitness room equipment to allow social distancing and the safest environment possible for our users. All fitness equipment that was located in the Fitness Room has been relocated across three different rooms. All strength training machines and equipment are located in one room. All treadmill and elliptical machines (cardio) have been relocated to another room. And all recumbent bicycles, the NuStep, and the rowing machine have been relocated to a third separate room.

It is our target that beginning Tuesday, September 8, all spaces of the Fitness Room will be available for use by property owners only. No guests will be permitted in the fitness equipment areas at this time. All fitness equipment areas will be closed to users daily from 3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. for deep sanitizing with our professional equipment. Users are reminded to sanitize each piece of equipment used with sanitizing products provided in each workout area before and after use.


  • Lane swimming reservations will continue in the indoor pool with a maximum of four people per lane. The indoor pool is closed for cleaning every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • The outdoor pool will remain open to users when there are no water classes in session. The outdoor pool closes at dark and is closed for cleaning on Sunday mornings.
  • Two bowling lanes will be available on a pre-reserved basis. Please call the day prior to make your lane reservation. Lanes are limited to four players. All bowlers must use their own ball and shoes.
  • The locker room showers, hot tub, and sauna will remain closed to all users at this time.
  • We will not be offering Shag Dance, Line Dance, or Ping Pong until further notice.
  • Use of meeting rooms at the Recreation Center remains suspended at this time.
  • Beginning Tuesday, September 8, the indoor & outdoor pools and all fitness areas will be available to users with an after-hours access card. Reminder: Guests are not permitted to use these areas at this time.


as of August 28, 2020

Our offices are open, and social distancing measures remain in place.

  • For any questions or to request service, please call ahead:
    Community Services: (864) 391-4126
    Village Office: (864) 391-4116

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Yours in Service,

Kirk Smith
Savannah Lakes Village
Ofc. 864-391-4116
Cell: 864-378-5816