COVID-19 Community Update – 7/21/2020

To All SLV Property Owners:

We all come from different walks of life and even different parts of the country. Though diverse in our individual journeys and histories, we are now joined together here in Savannah Lakes Village by a set of shared values and interests.

Our mission is simple. We exist to provide a vibrant, connected & strong community where people belong.


The first half of 2020 challenged and tested our commitment to that mission. Our team fought hard to continue serving our community well despite having to make immediate adjustments and being unable to host large gatherings and events. We are tremendously grateful for the support members have provided by continuing to enjoy curbside dining and to-go service.

Thankfully, we know that the constraints of the COVID-19 event will not be in place forever. We look ahead to a time when members will once again enjoy social gatherings and the kind of lifestyle (perhaps with some modifications) that marked our community prior to the spring of 2020.

While we plan for a day when there will once again be a bustling social calendar and increased participation at our facilities and amenities, we want to set the right tone and help establish a set of healthy expectations going forward. These expectations are an extension of our best selves, crafted with member and team involvement to help everyone know what is expected, both those new to the community and long-time residents. We believe that as we work together, we will be…



The Emerging Stronger Together initiative here at Savannah Lakes will encompass many areas of our community. Rather than a stodgy list of rules or policies, Emerging Stronger Together is an aspirational set of values and priorities, and the responsibilities we’re asking our members to abide by flow from that.

Here are several points we are emphasizing in this initial Emerging Stronger Together communication:


Health & Safety
For your safety and the safety of others, we encourage all patrons to wear a mask or face covering when indoors where 6 feet of social distancing may not always be possible. This helps us as we continue to maintain our current level of services and will hopefully help us expand services in the future.

mask-blue-circleSummary: We strongly encourage all patrons to wear a mask or face covering indoors when distancing is not possible.


Environmental Stewardship – Minimizing Waste
We want to take good care of the lake and the forest in which we live. In addition to preventing litter, we are looking for sensible opportunities to reduce waste.

This week we are beginning to phase out single-use polystyrene cups at our water stations as of July 21, 2020. We encourage members and guests to use a refillable water bottle or cup. We will continue to offer the cups we have on hand as well as paper water cones as a convenience, and bottled water can be purchased in the pro shops.

Summary: Single-use polystyrene cups are being phased out.

Health Stewardship – Clean Air
We understand that some members enjoy smoking cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. During the initial operations following the COVID-19 event, we did not strongly communicate restrictions on smoking around the patios due to the limited or no patio use at the early stages of COVID-19. Our patios are now open for counter-style service, and the areas around the golf shops and patios of the clubhouses are returned to no-smoking areas.

We want to make space for those who enjoy smoking to continue doing so, but in a way that does not cause irritation or discomfort for others. There is now a designated smoking table and chairs available at each clubhouse, marked by red buckets for disposal of ashes. If you are unfamiliar with these locations, our staff will be glad to guide you in the right direction.

Summary: Please enjoy smoking only in the designated smoking areas.

Mutual Respect – Attire
During our initial response to the COVID-19 event, we also reduced intentionality on golf course and clubhouse attire. Now as we hold steady in our services and have reopened the patios for counter-style service, we are asking for your help and understanding in abiding by appropriate dress code.

All etiquette stems from the practice of making someone else comfortable in your presence. In order to be courteous and respectful to other members and guests, we ask that appropriate attire be worn in all our facilities, as defined within our golf handbook and member handbook. Golf attire guidelines are typical of clubs in our area (i.e. collared shirts that are tucked in, no denim, etc.). Each clubhouse restaurant also has reasonable guidelines for casual attire (tennis and golf wear is acceptable, no swimwear is allowed, etc.). We ask that all members abide by our attire guidelines and encourage one another to do so.

Summary: Please show mutual respect to your fellow members and guests by wearing appropriate attire for the facilities you enjoy.

This is a challenging but exciting season as we move into the summer. The things we’ve laid out as initial points of emphasis in our Emerging Stronger Together initiative touch on a variety of aspects of daily life. We’re confident that working together as a community, we’ll be able to strengthen the fabric of our community and improve the quality of life here in SLV.

With all the social distancing and precautions in place (thank you!), we are excited to offer some expanded flexibility for our golfers. As of tomorrow, Wednesday July 22, 2020, we are lifting the tee time restrictions so that members can play 9 or 18 hole hole rounds up to 5:00 p.m. This means that golf play with SLV carts is now available in the late afternoons and evenings. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the courses.

What makes living in Savannah Lakes Village special is far more than the individual components of real estate, golf, and amenities. Life is unique here because we are a vibrant community, vitally connected with one another, and we’re becoming stronger together. This season of precaution around the COVID-19 event doesn’t define us; rather, the fabric of our community defines us. And we believe we will emerge stronger together.