COVID-19 Community Update – 5/29/2020

Dear SLV Family,

We are excited to continue our work towards methodically re-opening additional services and amenities. At this time, we are advancing into phase 2 of our reopening plan. It is important to note that while some state-wide precautions are being relaxed, we are working hard to strike the right balance for the well-being of our SLV owners and team members. It is also important to note that the timelines listed below – particularly as we forecast several weeks out towards the end of June, are subject to change based on the latest information about our local region from South Carolina DHEC. We thank you for the amazing support of our community and the great patience you have shown, as we are all eager to move beyond the COVID-19 event. That being said, the safety and well-being of “our SLV family” will remain priority and job #1.

Golf Operations

as of June 1, 2020

  • Courses Remain Open for Member Play:  Both courses remain open for member and member guest play.
  • Practice Range remains open each day the golf courses are open and will continue to close at 2 p.m. for range picking and extra sanitization steps.  This allows enough time for the golf team to collect the balls, clean and disinfect the balls and baskets, and then replenish the stock for the next day. 
  • Golf Carts:
    • Extra steps for sanitizing golf carts have been put into place.
    • Golf Carts:  Single Rider Carts shift from required to optional.
    • Guests of members may now use SLV carts.
  • Week of June 8, 2020
    • Golf Shops are targeted to open on June 8th – starting with a limit of two patrons in the shop at a time.
    • Sneeze Guard Shields have been installed at the golf shop service counters.
  • Week of June 15, 2020
    • Private lessons as well as small group clinics will resume.
    • Golf 101 programs will resume – next Golf 101 event will be held the week of the 15th.  Watch for more details.
  • Week of June 22, 2020
    • Outside guest play booking is expected to resume at both golf courses.

Food & Beverage Services

as of June 1, 2020

  • Week of June 1, 2020:
    • DOCKSIDE DELIVERY:  Our team is now offering “Dockside Meals To-Go” from the Tara Clubhouse Cove Friday – Sunday each week.  Click here to view menu and more details.  Call ahead (864-391-4163) to place your order.
    • CURBSIDE DELIVERY: Our team continues to offer curbside meals to-go.  Call either clubhouse to place your order and schedule your curbside pickup time
    • PATIO Reservations:  SLV owners may begin reserving seating on the patio reservations (starting @ 5 pm) at either clubhouse.  Call 864-391-4163 (Tara) or 864-391-4185 (Monticello).  At this time, we will offer counter service (pick up of food & drink orders) and meals will continue to be served in disposable containers.

    Week of June 1, 2020:

    • PATIO Reservations:  SLV owners may continue reserving seating on the patio reservations (starting @ 5 pm) at either clubhouse.  Call 864-391-4163 (Tara) or 864-391-4185 (Monticello).  At this time, we expect to offer full table service on the patios at both clubs while we make final preparations to open limited indoor dining services.

    Week of June 22, 2020

    • We plan to begin the first phase of indoor dining services.  The amount of reservations/number of patrons in the indoor spaces at any time will be limited based on best practices available at this time.
    • We also plan to utilize the “The Pub” (previously referred to as the Carolina Room) area at the Tara Clubhouse to expand the amount of seating we can offer at this time.
    • Many more details to come.


Recreation Center

as of June 12, 2020

  • The side fence gate will be closed and locked to all users.
  • We request all users entering the Recreation Center to enter the building through far-right entry door with the automatic control button. This will be the only door we will unlock.
  • Entry to the lobby of the RC should be one person at a time being sure to follow the social distance markers located on the floor.
  • Each person will check in at one of our two reception desks.
  • Massage services will resume in June. Please contact Linda Williams at 864-229-5684 or Jasmin Watts at 864-407-5329 to schedule your appointment. Both massage therapists are adhering to CDC-recommended sanitizing protocols.
  • All library books being returned must be deposited into the book return bin located in the hallway outside the book room. All returned books will be quarantined for one week before being reshelved in the book room.
  • The library book room will be open to users during business hours only with a limit of 2 people in the room at a time.
  • Tennis and pickleball will continue as scheduled. We will make announcements concerning guest play in the coming weeks but guest play is still suspended at this time. Ball machines will be available, but users must disinfect surfaces before and after use.
  • Limited seating will be placed on the tennis and pickleball spectator sections.

Outdoor Instruction:  We’re pleased to transition our group fitness instruction to outdoor areas to allow for social distancing. The following schedule of outdoor programming will be offered weather and water temperature permitting:

  • Water Aerobics in the Outdoor Pool Only. This will be offered when the water temperature is 82º or higher, and it is limited to 10 participants per class – no guests allowed.  The water temperature was 79.3 on Friday morning.  The temperature will be monitored over the weekend.  If the water temperature is not 82 degrees by Monday, please check your email for an announcement.  Lane swimmers are welcome to reserve lanes regardless of water temperature.
    • Intermediate Water Aerobics – 8:00 AM – Monday through Saturday
    • Intermediate Water Aerobics – 3:00 PM – Wednesdays
    • Basic Water Aerobics – 9:30 AM – Monday through Saturday
    • Advanced Water Aerobics – 3:30 PM – Mondays
  • Friendly reminder, the locker rooms will not be available for clothing changes or showers.
  • Program Schedule Under the Outdoor Pavilion – Limited to 15 participants per class
    • Land Cardio – 8:30 AM – Monday through Friday
    • Yoga – 10:00 AM – Monday through Saturday
    • Tai Chi – 2:00 PM – Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Community Walk – 9:00 AM – Monday through Friday departing from the Recreation Center parking lot – No Registration Required!
  • Lane Swimming – Two lap lanes will be available in one hour increments on a lane reservation system limited to one user per lane as follows:
    • Monday through Friday:  11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
    • Saturday:  11:00 AM  – 3:00 PM
    • Sunday:  12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • As is standard operating procedure for outdoor facility use, in the event of rain, our outdoor programs would be cancelled for risk of lightning. Please check with the front desk to confirm weather conditions.

Interested in Participating? As we begin Phase 2 of our re-opening process, please help us maintain a safe environment for our SLV owners and team by following these modified procedures.

  • Please call ahead to reserve your spot. To secure your spot, please call the RC after 9:00 AM the day before the class to register for the next day’s class or to reserve a lap lane.  Please call after 12:00 noon on Sundays to register for Monday’s classes.
  • We will maintain waiting lists if the class you desire to take is full. If you are not able to attend after you register for the class or reserve a lap lane, please let us know to cancel your spot so we may offer it to another SLV owner.
  • While we are operating with a reduced capacity, we are only able to offer one class per day per person, unless space is available for multiple classes. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each person is encouraged to bring your own drinking water to all classes.
  • If you register for yoga, feel free to bring a mat and/or a folding chair for your comfort. Chairs, mats, and blocks will not be provided.
  • All water aerobics equipment (noodles and buoys) should be retrieved from the RC and taken home by the owner. Following best practices, the RC will no longer provide equipment storage. Please also thoroughly clean your pool equipment before using it in the pool.
  • We welcome all participants to wear face masks when visiting the RC.


  • Lanes 1 and 4 will be available in 1 hour increments with a 30 minute sanitizing block between users with the following restrictions:
    • Each bowler uses their own bowling ball.
    • Each bowler uses their own bowling shoes.
    • Each lane reservation will be limited to a maximum of 2 bowlers at one time. No guests at this time.
  • Please make all lane reservations the day before you wish to play. Reservations may be made by calling the front desk after 9 a.m.

Additional Notes

  • We are continuing to evaluate the re-opening of other RC amenities. The fitness room, locker rooms, indoor pool/spa/sauna, meeting rooms, open swim in the outdoor pool and kayak rentals will remain closed at this time. We expect to begin additional modified re-openings later in June. Watch for future communications.
  • The outdoor pool deck will not be available for sun bathing just yet, and there will be no chairs on the deck of the pool at this time.
  • After hours access will be available for Tennis and Pickleball programs only at this time.
  • When exiting the building, please use the designated exit door.

Reminder:  Please pre-register for all classes, lane swimming, and bowling for Monday, June 1, after 9:00 a.m. on Friday, May 29, 2020.  The front desk will not be staffed on Saturday, May 30 or Sunday, May 31.



  • We are currently making final preparations to begin to provide indoor services from the Village Office and Community Services Office.
  • We will communicate these re-opening plans to our community next week.
  • Until these preparations are complete, we will continue to provide call in, email and front porch services to our SLV owners.
  • For any questions or to request service, please call ahead:
    Community Services: (864) 391-4126
    Village Office: (864) 391-4116

Links & Resources

Yours in Service,

Kirk Smith
Savannah Lakes Village
Ofc. 864-391-4116
Cell: 864-378-5816