The McCormick Arts Council (MACK) to receive $2.6M in Combined Gifts

Note: The McCormick Arts Council (MACK) adds a tremendous amount of value to the lifestyle and culture in the McCormick area. The MACK provides opportunities for enrichment, mentorship, community involvement, and more for the surrounding community, including Savannah Lakes Village. We are re-publishing this exciting announcement with the MACK’s permission. Here is a link to the original post:

Top Photo: (Left to right) Peter Manning, Frank McMullen, John Bracknell, Holly Bracknell, Roberta McKee, Patti McAbee, Janice Grizzard, Gail Gore (Seated) Chris McMullen, Heather McNally, John Yoder, Robin Rosenberg (Not in photo) Danielle Hutton, Elaine Chiles, Mertice Earl. Photo taken at the Belmont Inn, Abbeville on 10/21/2020 / Photo credit to Danielle Hutton

MCCORMICK, SC –  The McCormick Arts Council (MACK) announced a major foundation gift and development project. This milestone is a major moment in the timeline of the MACK’s service to our community and its mission to provide art, culture and education to the region.

“We are very fortunate to have received an official announcement that the MACK will directly benefit from a combined charitable gift of $2.6M. This is an incredible opportunity to continue our efforts to serve our mission for the next 35 years!”

~Heather McNally, MACK Director of Programs and Development

To confirm, the MACK will be receiving $1.1 million specifically for the purpose of capital improvements for The MACK Rehabilitation Project.

Purpose. It is understood and agreed that the gift will be used for the following purpose or purposes: To fund the MACK Rehabilitation Project and establish a capital fund from which the annual interest earnings will be used to address the annual maintenance / capital plans and needs.

To also confirm, the MACK will be receiving $1.5 million specifically for the purpose of establishing an educational fund, with an established investment committee to yield approximately $50,000 annually to continue our scholarship and investment in youth programming.

Purpose. It is understood and agreed that the gift will be used for the following purpose or purposes: To establish a MACK educational fund for the purpose of providing an annual scholarship program. This scholarship program provides financial aid to graduating seniors from McCormick and Abbeville counties and will continue to reflect the donor’s intentions to develop students’ awareness in the importance of problem solving, creativity and communication. The MACK agrees to distribute $35,000 annually.

Purpose. It is understood and agreed that the gift will also be invested and used for the additional following purpose or purposes: To provide annual funds to support the continued development and continuation of quality youth programming.  Additional funds that are generated through investment and interest earnings will support the annual needs of the MACK’s youth programming plan. The intention is to assist local students to ensure access to quality programming and cultural opportunities. The MACK will take the responsibility to plan, manage, implement or provide partnerships to ensure artistic, cultural and educational programs are available to our youth community.

The Historic Keturah Hotel was deeded to the McCormick Arts Council through approved ordinances under the leadership of our Board Chair, Bob Berry, and required the MACK to use the building “to provide art, culture and education to the extended community” and “maintain the property in good condition,” according to the title transfer from the town. This process allowed the MACK to independently proceed with the necessary steps to ensure we are able to serve as a safe, accessible, and fully functioning site for our community members and visitors.

“My intentions are to give locally, providing crucial support especially in the area of students’ needs.  I was fortunate for my unique opportunities, and with hard work and an ability to problem-solve, was in the position to help others.”

~ John Yoder, Yoder Rosenberg Family Foundation

This gift shares the name with the Rosenberg Family of Abbeville, SC. John and Jenny shared a special relationship and were both fortunate to be able to consider their intentions to support their shared communities. These gifts will impact generations to come and we are honored, humbled, and grateful to be able to serve our community to provide accessible and affordable cultural experiences and quality programs.

While this is wonderful news … these are very big announcements and we have quite a bit of work to do. These gifts are generous and will certainly positively impact our organization for generations to come, however, they are restricted for specific purposes and will be invested to allow the MACK to uphold their legal agreements with the donor. This means that we will be able to make the essential building investments and offer the annual scholarship for years to come, but we will still need to provide for our annual operating budget. Our goal is to share and celebrate this incredible gift with our members, community and various stakeholders. What a wonderful way to end a very unusual year!

For additional information regarding this announcement, please contact Heather McNally or the MACK directly.

Heather McNally
Director of Programs & Development
The McCormick Arts Council (MACK)
(864) 852-3216 (Office)
(864) 602-0331 (Direct)
PO Box 488 / 115 S Main Street
McCormick, SC 29835

Art changes lives!

A Message from WCTEL, SLV’s Fiber Internet Provider

Would you like to enjoy this as a video message? Click here to watch the video from WCTEL president and board chairman Wes McAllister. Read on for the text version, and make sure to check out the Streaming Genius link below.

I’m Wes McAllister, President of the Board of Directors at WCTEL and it has been a pleasure of mine to represent the McCormick service area over the last 15 years. The team at WCTEL is proud to be a part of the Savannah Lakes Village community that is constantly growing and developing. Like SLV, we are also constantly in development mode, whether that’s new equipment, new services, or new training for our staff.

In 2008 WCTEL made the transformational decision to future proof its network with “Fiber to the Home” which would guarantee each one of you and all its members a premium internet experience. This decision has enhanced all services including Broadband, Voice, and TV. This decision has been a successful game changer in sending and receiving all types of data which you now enjoy today.

However, one of the services that we deliver over our fiber network continues to become more expensive year after year and that is TV. With yearly increases from TV programmers such as ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, etc, TV service rates continue to increase year after year. In looking just at our local networks, we’ve seen over a 1,200% increase in the last 10 years.

We understand the impact these increases make on your household budget and how important TV is as an entertainment and Informational option to you. WCTEL has been looking into less expensive alternatives; so, here is an option for your consideration: STREAMING TV. If you have internet service, you can choose to stream your TV content over your internet connection. Prior to the pandemic WCTEL held several streaming TV classes at the SLV Recreation Center specifically to help residents have a better understanding of how TV streaming services work and to help provide you with an alternative to traditional TV service.

WCTEL has a Streaming TV Genius as an online tool to assist you in choosing your streaming providers. With the Streaming TV Genius, you select the channels that your household wants to watch, and it shows which streaming services will include all the channels you love. Streaming is the TV of the future, you are no longer limited to watching content on just your TV, you can watch on your smartphone, tablet, and computer, thanks to WCTEL’s fiber internet. To check out the “Genius” go to and choose “Streaming Options” from the menu.

If there is any way we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to call us at (864) 852-5000.

Thanks once again for choosing WCTEL as your Hometown Technology provider.

Wes McAllister
WCTEL Board President

Things To See Near SLV: Huguenot Place of Worship

The lush forested land and trails surrounding Savannah Lakes Village offer abundant opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. In addition to the beauty of our most prominent defining feature, Lake Thurmond, there are some smaller points of interest that those living in or visiting the Freshwater Coast will want to enjoy.

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Technology vs. Community: Making the Right Choice On Internet Service

There have never been more diverse options for selecting a master-planned community than we are seeing these days. If you haven’t yet started the decision process, you may not know all that you’re getting into. The near-endless array of choices doesn’t take long to paralyze even those whose goal is clearly articulated. You’ll need to make a decision about the following:

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Stay In Style: Boutique Hotel in Nearby Greenwood, South Carolina Offers Unique Stay-and-Play Lodging for Golfers

Savannah Lakes Village (SLV) is a master-planned lifestyle community located on the shores of Lake Thurmond in McCormick, South Carolina. The community boasts tremendous outdoor recreation features from the lake to the three nearby state parks and beyond — all of this is frequently enjoyed by the more than 2,500 residents (as of summer 2020) who call SLV home and thousands of other property owners across the country who visit as often as they can. Hundreds of members and their guests work on their golf game at the Tara and Monticello golf courses each week. Guests are welcome to make a tee time, but what are your options for lodging if you are planning to travel and visit? Can you enjoy a few days at Savannah Lakes Village without having a close friend host you in their home?

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ideal-LIVING Magazine Names Savannah Lakes a 2020 Best Lake Community

This is a press release from ideal-LIVING Magazine, a publication that has been “helping people find their ideal community and home for over 25 years.”

WILMINGTON, NC – ideal-LIVING magazine is pleased to announce its fifth annual “Best of the Best” issue which features the Top 100 Planned Communities. The magazine will be in homes by July 16th. The honorees will also be revealed on at the same time.

Surveys were collected at the 2020 Ideal Living Real Estate Shows which showed the top amenities in which potential homebuyers were interested. The Top 100 amenity communities were chosen based on the top amenities requested, including walking trails, wellness facilities, proximity to healthcare, social clubs, swimming, a sense of community, cycling, racquet sports, gated, lake communities, and coastal communities.

A special editorial committee assembled by the publication reviewed the qualifications of each nominee and selected the winners in 12 categories.

Among the categories honoring residential communities are the “Top 100 Planned Communities,” “Best Lake Communities,” “Best Mountain Communities,” “Best Coastal Communities,” “Best Golf Communities,” “Best Tennis and Pickleball,” and those with the “Best Wellness & Fitness Facilities.”

“The ‘Best of the Best‘ feature honors those areas and communities which deserve special recognition for their outstanding qualities, facilities, and programs,” said ideal-LIVING’s Editor and Associate Publisher, Kelly Godbey. “During the challenging times, we hope that this special feature in our Summer 2020 edition offers our readers a chance to find a better quality of life in a safer environment. Lifestyle is now more important than ever before and with many people able to work from home gives the ability to relocate sooner than they thought possible.”


For more than 25 years, ideal-LIVING magazine has been a leading national publication for readers who are nearing retirement age or who are interested in the benefits of relocating their families or businesses. The magazine’s parent company, RPI Media, also distributes other publications like the comprehensive ideal-LIVING Relocation Guide and sponsors the company’s signature ideal-LIVING Real Estate Shows each year. For more information, go to the website at

Bridge at SLV: Where Every Hand is an Adventure

Savannah Lakes Village has an extraordinary Bridge community, run by those who love the game and played by those who enjoy it. Every player extends a hand and encourages newcomers to join the SLV Bridge family. It is fun, exciting and provides a wonderful opportunity to meet others with a like interest.

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Here’s Where to Book Masters Week Tee Times — Eventually

Note: In view of the postponement of the 2020 Masters tournament, we are suspending our booking process for Masters Week tee times. Thank you for your understanding.

Regardless of the timing of the Masters Tournament, golf continues at Savannah Lakes! If you’re interested in booking a tee time, visit our golf booking page or call 833-465-3758.


If you’re headed to Augusta to take in the spectacle that is Masters Week, you’re among a lucky group of golf fans. And if you’re an avid golfer looking for a tee time in Augusta during Masters Week, you’re probably going to be frustrated initially. But don’t worry…we’re here to help.

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Acoustic Fridays: Another Reason to Spend Friday Nights at the Club

Fridays @ Four is a fixture on the social scene at Savannah Lakes. Held every Friday at the River Grille, it’s a fun and informal event that helps everyone feel welcome and places a high priority on connection. What started out years ago as an effort to help new property owners feel welcome and have fun has evolved into a full-featured regular event with our tapas menu, drinks, and (weather permitting…) drinks on the patio.

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Trying to Sort Out Where to Play Golf During Masters Week? Here are Some Tips for Enjoying the Biggest Week in Golf.

If you’re lucky enough to have won the lottery, you’re probably thinking about travel during Masters Week in April. For those of us who aren’t as familiar, we’re not talking about a huge cash prize worth millions of dollars (though for some it feels that way!). We’re talking about the selection process for tickets to the Practice Rounds and the Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club.

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A New Way to Live at the Lake: Lakefront Condos on Lake Thurmond

Since the inception of Savannah Lakes Village in the late 1980s, people have been fond of the idea of living at Lake Thurmond (or Clarks Hill Lake — depending on where you live!). “Charter members” of the community were keen on the vision of a vibrant lakefront community with top-notch amenities and and pristine outdoor experiences. The vast majority of those who have become property owners at Savannah Lakes Village have built or purchased a single-family dwelling

Fast forward to 2019. Our Developer, Savannah Lakes Village Real Estate, has been busy working with builders Keystone Homes and Ivey Homes out of Augusta, Georgia to provide move-in-ready new homes for those looking to own a home in Savannah Lakes.

In addition to those beautiful homes, SLV Real Estate has unveiled plans for brand new lakefront condos on Lake Thurmond.

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Even the Birds Know Spring is a Good Time to Move In to a New Home at Savannah Lakes

The title is a little cliché, but it’s true! The birds found in Sumter National Forest all around our community take advantage of the milder weather of spring to make a move and establish a new home. Whether it’s animal-like instinctive behavior or a function of other life situations and logistics, people tend to consider new homes in the spring as well.

We added a gallery of springtime images, including several shots of Eastern Bluebirds, for your enjoyment. Visit our Sights & Sounds page to view these images. And if you’re considering a move to Savannah Lakes Village, read on for some tips and thoughts that may help you on your journey. Read more

McCormick County Featured in Segment on Augusta ABC Affiliate WJBF’s “Local Living” Program

Savannah Lakes is thrilled to be a part of the greater community of McCormick County.

Local Living is a local lifestyle and home-related show that airs on WJBF, the local ABC affiliate in Augusta, Georgia. This video features Thessa Smith, Director of Economic Development for McCormick County as well as the County’s clerk of court, Crystal Barnes.

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WJBF’s “Local Living” Segment with Our Developer

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All Eyes on Augusta! And Don’t Forget to Play the Game We Love.

Ah, the first full week in April — Masters Week! It’s the Rite of Spring that awakens a deep longing in the heart of every golfer. We join the chorus of awe at the spectacle of the tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. It’s a joy to behold, and we realize how fortunate we are to be positioned less than an hour away from this incredible event.

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Village & Developer Received Award of Excellence for Business

The McCormick County Chamber of Commerce recently co-awarded SLV and the Savannah Lakes Real Estate and Development Center with the Award of Excellence for Business. The presentation of this award was quite a surprise to SLV representatives in attendance and to representatives from the Development Partner. Bob Stockton is a reporter for the McCormick Messenger, and he provided coverage of the McCormick Chamber’s annual meeting on January 31, 2019. Here is Mr. Stockton’s article:

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Member/Guest 2018: Showcasing the SLV Lifestyle and Golf

Our men’s Member/Guest Invitational Tournament is an annual affair, one that we look forward to every year.

The 2018 Member/Guest event kicked off on a balmy Thursday, October 4 and concluded Saturday, October 6. Our roster of players and guests included fathers and sons, brothers, friends, and even a few former neighbors. The guests hailed from 17 different states from coast to coast, and one guest even traveled from Switzerland. Our agenda included a chipping and putting contest, two full rounds of competitive golf, a final playoff for the flight winners, and no less than 8 different meals and social events. Our lakefront courses, Tara and Monticello were on full display during a couple of days of nearly ideal golf weather — even if a touch on the warm side.

This is a beloved time of spirited competition and fellowship, both on and off the course! It’s difficult to convey the essence of the experience at Member/Guest. But from our members’ individual hospitality efforts to the SLV team, it is an all-hands-on-deck opportunity to show our guests what it is like to live and play at SLV.

Our marketing director captured hundreds of images from the golf and social events, and we have curated a few to share here:

WGA Opening - Crowd Shot

SLV Women’s Golf Association (WGA) Opens 2018 Season

by Mary Ruth Hayworth

Originally published in Shorelines Magazine, April 2018.

Thursday February 22 was not only the opening coffee of the SLV Women’s Golf Association (WGA) but also gorgeous weather following the opening for 60+ to enjoy a round of 9 or 18 holes at the beautiful Monticello course.

Barb Shelley, 2018 WGA President, is supported by officers Terri McCarbery, VP; Diana Bricely, Secretary; and Mary Markle, Treasurer. The extended team includes but is not limited to 9 and 18 hole coordinators, specialty event or activity organizers, tournament chairs, standing committees and volunteers as needed. WGA play day is each Thursday morning through the closing day prime rib dinner on November 8. Ladies were excited hearing some of the great plans for upcoming tournaments. The first one is the Member/Guest May 2 and 3. Day 1 is a practice round and an ALL-WGA girls’ evening out party at the River Grille. Marcia Krishart could not be denied attention in her specialty “Mad Hat” as she introduced the “Mad Hatter” theme and the fun plans for the 2-day activity.

WGA members participate in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and Inter Club golf events, and all lady golfers may play in SC women’s state events. Although WGA membership is NOT required to participate in the state events, we were delighted to hear that the SLV WGA is the largest women’s organization in the state.

To all SLV lady golfers—join us. Registration forms are available at both Golf shops; just ask one of our outstanding golf staff for a packet of info.

To see the 2018 schedule for both 9- and 18-hole ladies, the WGA Handbook and other items of interest, including more individual pictures of newcomers, owners can visit the WGA page on our member website.

Breaking News

What better way to start the season than with a hole-in-one on Monticello #4 by Marianne Samenko. She used an 8 iron from the red tees and her ball “simply” hit in the front of the green and rolled into the cup. Lee Ann Vandiver, Pat Martin and Sheila Joyce witnessed the event. Although Marianne says she has been close over her years of playing, this is her first. She is glad to have paid to play in the WGA Hole-in-One Club and was awarded a $400 check for the accomplishment. As if that’s not enough, Marianne also won $$ in the 50/25/25 drawing that same morning at the opening coffee. Congratulations to Marianne and to all SLV WGA ladies for a great start to what looks to be a fun season!

Top Ten Reasons for Living in Savannah Lakes Village

Here’s a list of some of the most common reasons families and couples absolutely love living in this South Carolina lakefront golf and sporting community.

#10 | “Not Now Honey, I’m Video Conferencing”

Just because Savannah Lakes is encompassed by one of the most scenic and preserved areas within the southeast (see reason #3), doesn’t mean that you can’t be connected to the rest of the world. Underground utilities are installed throughout the community, including fiber-optics for high-speed digital voice, internet, and entertainment service. With one of the most advanced digital communication and entertainment systems in the world, it’s no wonder that more and more new residents are not waiting on retirement to relocate. And who can blame them… If you could trade the daily commute and corporate office city view for a refreshing morning bike ride and your own view of the lake and piedmont forest, wouldn’t you? Other utilities already installed underground to all homesites include electrical, water, and sewer along with over 86 miles of state and county owned roads.

#9 | “I’d Rather Be In Carolina”

The popular beach music song states it best… We’d all “Rather Be in Carolina.” Nothing beats the moderate climate of South Carolina with over 300 days of sunshine on average per year, all while enjoying the wonder and splendor of the changing seasons. And no matter where you are in the Palmetto State, you’re guaranteed an easy drive from special beach or mountain get-a-ways. Add to that a favorable tax structure for retirees, excellent healthcare, and a touch of our friendly southern hospitality and your soul will quickly become immersed within the rich Carolina culture.

#8 | “Bringing Advanced Healthcare Closer”

Savannah Lakes Village is fortunate to be surrounded by great healthcare services. The community is home to the Savannah Lakes Village Medical Center, which is owned and operated by the Self Regional Healthcare System. Savannah Lakes Village is also surrounded by six major hospitals, including Self Regional’s flagship hospital facility in Greenwood, SC just 30 minutes from the community. All other hospitals are within 45 minutes of the community.

#7 | “Location, Location, Location”

Stay with me here… There’s a theme that’s central to this one. Savannah Lakes Village is centrally located between two classic small towns (Lincolnton, GA and McCormick, SC), which are centrally located within the realm of Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA. Savannah Lakes Village is also centrally located between the Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic beaches, centrally located within the Sumter National Forest, and bordered on either side of the community by state parks and the Little River Blueway Outdoor Adventure Area. Savannah Lakes Village brings new meaning to being in the middle of it all!

#6 | “We’re at Your Service”

The dedicated and professional staff of Savannah Lakes Village believes in the purpose of the community and takes great pride in putting their very best on the line for members and their guests every day. In additional to all the services you would expect from the recreation, golf, and dining facilities, Savannah Lakes Village has specially trained technicians on staff to assist you with everything from regular lawn maintenance to hanging a new ceiling fan. Whatever the case may be, assistance in Savannah Lakes Village is only a call or e-mail away!

#5 | “Play the Lake!”

With two community-owned lakefront golf clubs (Tara & Monticello) along with a third lakefront golf course bordering the community at the Hickory Knob State Resort Park, playing the lake takes on a whole new meaning. That’s a total of 54 incredibly challenging holes of golf in the immediate area. Needless to say, Savannah Lakes Village is a golfer’s dream come true. All Savannah Lakes Village property owners have membership credentials at the clubs, without any initiation fees or minimums at the clubs. A flexible fee schedule allows members to either pay the member rate at the club as they go, or purchase an annual pass for the best value (see cost of living for more information).

#4 | “It All Starts With a Vision”

That is true. But at Savannah Lakes Village, residents don’t spend any time waiting for a developer to fund and fulfill their “vision” for the community… Instead, they’re out meeting friends and living an active social and recreational life through the first rate facilities and programs already established throughout our community. That’s great news if you come to Savannah Lakes to live and play… Bad news if you like the idea of “settling the frontier” of new communities or make your living as a rendering artist. Savannah Lakes Village is an established, member owned community celebrating 20 years of growth and stability. In fact, we transitioned from developer control to member ownership in December of 2000, meaning that we are now twelve plus years into this transition. This is extremely important for our community, as it means that our amenities and programs are self sufficient and not reliant on a subsidy from developer property sales. All property in Savannah Lakes Village has been sold. Anything that is available today is on the resale market and listed through independent real estate offices.

#3 | “Get Outside… It’s Naturally Green”

Savannah Lakes Village is the ultimate lakefront sporting community. This is a community where nature is alive and where recreation and the natural beauty of our surroundings are a part of our everyday life. The 4,000 acre village, which borders the 70,000-acre Lake Thurmond, plus another 63,368 acres of preserved state park and national forest land, is authentic as it gets when it comes to outdoor recreation. And the best part is that you will not have to discover the healthy aspects of an active outdoor lifestyle on your own. The community features a Rod & Gun Club for hunting and fishing interests, a very active Power Squadron for boating programs and events, and the Outdoor Adventures Club for hiking, biking, and kayaking sports.

#2 | “Water, Water Everywhere”

Lake Thurmond (also known as Clarks Hill Lake) is the largest, most pristine man-made lake east of the Mississippi River. The 71,100-acre fresh water lake is the third lake in a chain along the Savannah River, an area known as South Carolina’s “Freshwater Coast.” The lake features 1,200 nautical miles of shoreline, which (to put into perspective) is more than the coast line of California. Despite its size, the unique feature of the lake is the abundance of wildlife and natural shoreline with the absence of lakefront development and boat traffic. Only about ten percent of the shoreline is zoned for residential development, and these properties come with set-back restrictions. The result is an extremely well preserved natural habitat for viewing wildlife, fishing, boating, and water sports.

#1 | Friendly Caring Neighbors

The number one reason for living in Savannah Lakes Village is the people you meet and the friendships you will grow to cherish here. Residents of Savannah Lakes Village have relocated from across the country, and this is one of the common ties that bind people together here. As one resident recently stated it, “this is a place where genuine care and friendships are the norm.” The community is currently home to 2,100 residents and growing. The sense of community and belonging here is very strong, but is not limited to the geographic borders of our community. Residents are heavily involved throughout the region in various organizations such as the McCormick Arts Council, Abbeville Opera House, McCormick Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity, Helping Hands, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Exchange Club, McCormick Children’s Home, McCormick Humane Society, McCormick School District, and local and regional churches just to name a few. Our members enjoy their amenities, but especially value being able to give back to the local towns and communities in proximity to Savannah Lakes Village.

Savannah Lakes Village Property Holdings - Resort Peninsula aerial

SLV Development Partner Makes Clean Sweep of Adjacent Properties at Auction, SLV Representatives Pleased

For Immediate Release

MCCORMICK, SOUTH CAROLINA – The Savannah Lakes Village Property Owners Association (SLV) issued a statement this week that they are extremely pleased to confirm that their principal development partner, SLV Property Holdings, LLC (SLVP), has purchased at auction more than 500 acres of both developed and undeveloped properties located within the master plan of the community.

The auction was conducted Wednesday, April 4 at Hickory Knob State Park, adjacent to SLV, and included the sale of the resort peninsula and approximately 537 undeveloped acres of land bordering the village. The resort properties, formerly owned by Eight Acre, LLC and the Lodge Group, LLC — including a lodge, convention center and restaurant — had been closed for several years. SLV President Ray Tarnosky and General Manager/Chief Operating Officer Kirk Smith said the renovation and redevelopment of these properties would benefit SLV residents and McCormick County, and it will substantially increase the attractiveness of SLV as one of the finest residential communities and tourist destinations in the Southeast.

The successful bid for the resort peninsula properties totaled $1.5 million, and the bid for the 10 undeveloped properties sold was $835,000. Adding a 10 percent buyer’s premium to the price brought the total to $2,568,500.

The purchase of the auctioned properties complemented SLVP’s agreements on Tuesday, April 3, to acquire more than 2,000 home sites within Savannah Lakes Village. Tarnosky and Smith stated that very fortuitous circumstances created the opportunity to expeditiously acquire the home sites, resort facilities and undeveloped tracts of land by their development partner. They noted that they were also very fortunate to be able to work with the two principal partners of SLVP, Robert Bradley and James Walsh, in assisting them in their tireless and concerted efforts to bring these deals to fruition.


Charleston Menu: Enjoy Chef John’s Exquisite Lowcountry Cuisine

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Dinner Service Begins: 5:00pm

Rainbow Row. The Battery. Patriot’s Point. The Market.

Charleston, South Carolina is one of America’s iconic cities. The centuries since its founding have given rise to some unique cultural and culinary traditions. Chef John Caswell has assembled a limited menu of soups, salads, entrées and desserts that will have your taste buds convinced you’re visiting Charleston. No tickets are required for the dinner, but please, make reservations as you normally would.

Now for something a little different…


Chef John Caswell is planning an intimate instructional session on several items from his Charleston menu! If you have ever wanted to recreate the magic you experience at the River Grille in your own kitchen, don’t miss this special event. Tickets are $10 each, and with admission to the instructional, you will receive a free Charleston light dragon punch (the drink we’re featuring with the meal). We are limited to only 30 tickets for this special event. Contact River Grille to purchase your ticket and reserve your spot for this special instructional.

Instructional: 4:30pm (ticket required)

Here is the menu for the evening:

  • She Crab Soup
  • Tomato & Feta Bisque
  • Beet & Strawberry Salad
  • Plums & Tomato Salad
  • Grilled Tilefish
  • Beer Battered Soft Shell Crabs
  • Herb Marinated Hanger Steak
  • Cornmeal Fried Pork Chops
  • Pound Cake with Walnut Chocolate Gravy
  • Carolina Gold Rice Pudding

All entrées are served with your choice of starch and vegetables. Starches for this evening will be Vidalia onion gratin potatoes and goat cheese herb mashed potatoes. Vegetables are roasted okra and fried green tomatoes.

Members may make reservations by calling 391-4163.